Clear Lake Recording Studio And More


In late September some great vocals were recorded for the upcoming album at Clear Lake Recording Studio (Studio B), North Hollywood, California. Another piece of the puzzle. Still a lot of work to do to finish this epic album, but things are taking shape quite nicely.

Also while in Los Angeles, Craig Huxley kindly contributed some keyboards for another song, recorded again at his home studio in Sherman Oaks.

Date: September 2019

Recording At Ocean Way Nashville

In July SK mastermind James Michael House got the opportunity to catch his longtime friend Joseph Wooten between touring with the Steve Miller Band and working with his brother Victor. With just one long day in Studio C at Ocean Way Nashville, they managed to record keyboards for three songs on the upcoming Squanky Kong album. 

Date: July 2019

Recording At Huxley Manor


A postponement in May pushed back the studio production some. This led to some auxiliary vocal recordings being done for the new album at Craig Huxley's home studio in Sherman Oaks, California instead. While there, Craig graciously contributed some time to add piano to a song as well.

Date: May 2019

Squank Studio Sessions and the New Year


The new SK album production continues into 2019 with James Michael House working at his Squank Studio in Western Oregon. The recording and editing process will continue through 2019, with vocals already planned to be recorded in Los Angeles sometime later in the year.

There is no official release date as yet for the album, but it is estimated to be sometime in 2020 . There are strong prospects of some special releases occurring before the album drops as well.

Date: January 2019

Production Start & The Village


Much work was completed through the summer to lay a path for the upcoming Squanky Kong album with many new songs being demoed and finalized. The drums were tracked last month (Oct.) at world famous The Village Recorder - Studio A in Los Angeles, California, with additional work continuing through the holidays.

Date: November 2018

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